Our policy is to ensure that all works carried out are in a manner that causes the minimum of damage to the environment. While this policy will have the broadest application possible, its principle objectives are the protection of the environment and compliance with the relevant environmental standards and relevant legislation

Our management and employees will actively demonstrate commitment to this policy so as to achieve the high standards set. They will also be involved in the effective implementation of environmental management practices set by supporting the company’s environmental policies, procedures, rules and guidelines.

As part of our commitment to the protection of the environment we ensure that:

  • Our environmental aspects and impacts are monitored
  • Assessment of potential environmental impacts of project
  • Reporting of any incidents in a timely and accurate manner
  • Constantly develop objectives and environmental targets

The policies we implement include:

  • Ensuring that the work site and effected surrounding areas are restored as far as practicable to its original state
  • Taking steps to minimize pollution
  • Minimization of the impact of noise on the community
  • Minimization of site erosion
  • Protection of water quality around the work site

These policies, procedures, rules and guidelines are set forth in our Environmental Management Plans.

All parties associated with the work activities of the company are required to meet and undertake their operations in a manner that facilitates our environmental objectives.

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